Ecosoft Iron Removal Cartridge BB20


Fits any standard BB20 housing. A blend of high quality activated carbon/catalytic sorption material and pH corrector.


Basic Information

The Ecosoft replacement filter for iron reduction 4,5″ х 20″ contains a blend of catalytic sorption material, high-quality activated carbon and pH corrector.

The filter reduces the content of iron and its by-products found in borehole and tap water, as well as decreases the concentration of oil products and pesticides. It also improves the colour, taste, and odour of water.

The cartridge body is made of European primary food-grade plastic.

Can replace filters of the standard size of 4.5″ × 20″ produced by other manufacturers.

Best suited for

Households or properties using boreholes or tap water with high iron contents up to 1 mg/l. This replacement filter fits in the housing size of a BB20.

Key advantages

  • Reduces iron content in water by up to 80%
  • A full capacity of 10 000 litres
  • Stable operation and efficiency throughout the recommended service lifespan
  • Filter housing made of European food-grade plastic
  • Applicable for filters produced by other manufacturers

Benefits of using the filter

  • With the timely replacement of the replacement filter, the filter will reduce the iron content in water.
  • The water will become transparent, without an unpleasant red-brown colour, the ferrous smell will disappear.
  • Your home appliances that use water will last longer.


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