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Ecosoft P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis System 6 Stage - 75GPD


5-Stage RO system. (Dow filmtec membrane) 280ℓ per day (75GPD). High quality activated carbon filters. Plus a calcium and magnesium mineralisation filter. Can be installed vertically or horizontally. Tested and approved for domestic installation. Includes plastic pressure tank and faucet, without pump. Includes a dual handle faucet for purified and mineralised water selection.


Basic Information

Reverse osmosis technology allows for the removal of up to 99.8% of pollution from water. This is the most advanced way to purify drinking water available for home use. The core of this filter is the 280 l/day Dow Filmtec™ reverse osmosis membrane. It purifies water at the molecular level, retaining all varieties of pollution, including bacteria and viruses.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable polymer fabric. Its pores are 200 times smaller than the size of a virus, therefore membrane cleaning guarantees complete biological protection. Water purified this way does not need to be boiled and is completely safe for people of any age, including small children.

The advantages of reverse osmosis

RO (reverse osmosis) is the most reliable water treatment technology available for everyone.
The main element of the filter is an RO membrane. The Ecosoft Standard filter has a membrane element with a capacity of 8 l/h. Purified water does not require boiling and is completely safe for small children. With an RO filter, you can enjoy pure and tasty water every day at an affordable price.

Stages of filtration

1. Sediment PP 5-micron filter removes large silt, sand, rust

2. GAC coconut shell carbon filter removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds

3. Filter with AquaGreen technology protects membrane element

4. DOW Filmtec RO membrane element purifies water removing 99.8% of contaminants, including viruses and bacteria

5. AquaSpring filter enriches pure water with calcium and magnesium

6. Coconut shell carbon post-filter improves the taste and smell of the purified water

BPA FREE. Ecosoft reverse osmosis filters are made from primary food-grade materials (polypropylene). In the production of these plastics, bisphenol is not used, and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive “Items used for contact with food”.

1 review for Ecosoft P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis System 6 Stage – 75GPD

  1. Christo Toua (verified owner)

    Great product and easy installation, fantastic to be able to drink water with clear conscience (no more plastic waste!)

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