Water Softener – Ecosoft P’ure Compact Water Softener 12L with HCRS Media


The filter Ecosoft P’URE 12L Water Softener is designed to reduce the hardness of household water. The filter system consists of two main components — a module (a cylinder with a control valve) and a brine tank.

Softener features

The filter represents a compact cabinet with a vessel containing Softening resin and a control valve in it. The cabinet has also a brine system for regeneration of the filter media. The tablet salt for regeneration is poured directly into the cabinet body.

  • Max. Flow Rate: 1000L/Hr
  • Resin Quantity: 12kg
  • Suitable even for the smallest apartment
  • Eliminate the yellow shade of water
  • Streaks and stains on dishes disappear
  • Household appliances without scale
  • Filter media life 7-10 years


Key advantages

  • The filter is fully automatic, silent.
  • Attractive and compact design.
  • Reliable and efficient operation for at least 5 years*.
  • Quality guaranteed by the international CE and ISO certificates.

Benefits of using the filter

  • Pure water with no odours in every tap, shining sanitary ware, and utensils.
  • Silky skin and healthy hair.
  • Condition and colours of clothes and linens are preserved.
  • Significant savings on detergents – up to 50%.
  • Longer service life of equipment with heating elements (washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, and kettle).



The filter is connected to the cold water supply system, effectively purifies the water and independently controls all the processes of its work.

When the filter media resources are exhausted, the filter independently goes into regeneration, but only at a time when water consumption is minimal, so it won’t deprive you of access to purified water. In addition, the control valve remembers the level of your water consumption at different times and is adapted so that clean water is available even at peak consumption, for example, at weekends.

Regeneration takes place in 5 stages:
  • Flushing with back flow of water.
  • A solution of salt is fed from the brine tank into the filter vessel, passes through the HCRS media and washes away hardness salts and organic matter from it. Impurities with the remnants of the solution are discharged into the sewage.
  • Short backwash. Once again, loosens the load and washes away the remnants of the salt solution.
  • Flush the HCRS media with a direct stream of water to lay layers of media in the desired order.
  • Fill the brine tank with water to dissolve the salt tablets and prepare the solution for the next regeneration.

After that, the system can purify water again.

Device and filter operation

All parts of the filter are mounted in a single unit including vessel and a control valve. The elements of the drainage distribution system are closed with a convenient lid. Inside the case there is a filter-loading cylinder, as well as separate containers for storing the tableted salt and preparing the brine solution for regeneration. In the upper part of the filter there is a controller, which is composed of a disc valve with an LCD display.

The technology of complex water purification in one installation become possible with a multicomponent mixture. The filter media consists of special components, each of which is designed to sorb or neutralize certain type of impurities.

During filtration water is passed through a layer of filter media. The HCRS media accumulates impurities that will be removed during regeneration. Filter operation is fully automated. You only need to add salt tablets timely.

Who are the users?

Ecosoft P’URE advanced water softener (12 l) with modern design is suitable for water purification in 1-2 bathroom apartments, inhabited by 2 to 3 residents. The filter capacity is from 0.8 to 1.0 m³ per hour. Filter can be used for purifying and softening of deep-well and tap water.

What is hard water?

Sediments on the heating elements of household appliances, white plaque on tiles and plumbing, stains on glass surfaces – all this comes from use of hard water.

In addition to the negative impact on the condition of household appliances, a high content of hardness ions has an impact on human health. This problem is inherent both for water from natural sources, and for water from the city water supply. The reasons for this can be hard source water, the imperfection of centralized water treatment technologies, as well as the use of outdated technologies.

Effective solution for the problem of hard water

To reduce the hardness of household water, softening filters are used, such as Ecosoft water softener 108 Premium. Ion-exchange resin HCR-S/S (cation exchange resin manufactured by Dow, Dowex™) is used as filter media. During the filtration process, an ion-exchange reaction takes place – the ions of hardness salts are replaced by safe sodium ions, leading to normal level of water hardness.

Filter softener reduces energy consumption, increases the efficiency of household appliances and reduces the frequency of breakdowns, significantly reducing the cost of repairs.


Ecosoft Manuel for Water Softeners


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