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Ecosoft Replacement Cartridge Pack for 3-Stage System



Includes 5 Micron Polyprop sediment filter, Ecomix replacement filter-softening and a coconut shell carbon block.



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  • The 1st stage

The 5-micron porous polypropylene filter that reduces contents of sand, silt, scale and other insoluble compounds.

  • The 2nd stage

Replacement filter containing the Ecomix® D37 media. The filter reduces hardness, chlorine and concentration of toxic heavy metals.

  • The 3rd stage

Final fine purification with the activated coconut shell carbon block filter is performed, to reduce content of chlorination by-products and sediments.

The filters are intended for purification of cold tap water only.

Softens water, removes chlorine, heavy metals and other
contaminants. Prevents lime scale build up in appliances.

Suitable for use with any Standard 10“ housing.
5 micron sediment filtration.
Ecomix D37 Cartridge advanced softening.
CTO coconut shell carbon filter.
Flow capacity: 60ℓ/h.
Replace every 6-12 months.


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