Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis System MO10000 550L/HR

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Commercial reverse osmosis systems are the reliable turnkey solutions for various commercial and residential applications. Water bottling plants, steam boilers, garden centers, restaurants and many other types of businesses take advantage of their excellent performance and durability.

New Ecosoft MO10000 4″ reverse osmosis system has the smallest footprint and can fit in to any location.

You get all the advantages of perfect quality water with Ecosoft MO10000 commercial reverse osmosis system. It is the most advanced and effective way to remove up to 99.8% of impurities, including bacteria and viruses. Reverse osmosis is an eco-friendly and economic way to get safe drinking water.

The system is a compact and entirely functionally complete module.

ОС5000 controller 

The OC5000 controller is designed for automatic or manual control of reverse osmosis unit and provides:

  • automatic switching on and off of the equipment upon signal;
  • emergency shutdown of the equipment by signals from dry-running sensors, overpressure in the module;
  • shutdown of equipment on the external STOP signal.


  • For correct and effective system operation it is necessary to do the following:
  • A history of system maintenance and operation in the personal online directory will allow the most efficient and timely replacement of filters, chemical washing of membranes and other system maintenance activities.
Replace the sediment filters at least once every 3 months.
The sediment filter protects the RO membrane from large impurities such as sand, clay particles, etc.
Carry out chemical cleaning of the RO membrane

At least twice a year.
CIP should be carried out in case of deteriorating purified water quality or capacity reduction, which you can observe in the personal online directory. CIP is carried out by using a chemical cleaning unit and cleaning chemicals.

Keep a register of maintenance, system operational parameters, and water quality.

  • A history of maintenance and operation of the system will allow the most efficient and timely change replacement filters, chemical washing of membranes and other system maintenance activities.
  • You don’t need to keep a system maintenance log anymore!
  • Timely maintenance expands the lifetime of the equipment, but also provides pure and safe water of the highest quality.

Who is the product for?

Ecosoft MO 10000 RO system is designed for water purification in:

  • Domestic;
  • Hotels and Hospitality;
  • Breweries and Beverage Production;
  • Laboratories and Workshops;
  • in Small technological processes/ Factories/ Agriculture;
  • for Steam Boilers/ Generators/ Laundry/ Car Wash.

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