Ecosoft Scalex Replacement Filter Media


  • Dishwasher and washing machine protection
  • Increases the washing efficiency
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • 1 filter media replacement per 400 washes

The Scalex filter media is used in Ecosoft Scalex inline scale inhibitor for washing machines and dishwashers

Innovative material developed by Ukrainian scientists

The technology reduces hardness and prevents scale formation on the surface of heating elements in washing machines and dishwashers.

Benefits of using the scale inhibitor

  • With the timely replacement of the filler, you will stop worrying about your washing machine, looking through advertising of expensive anti-scale products.
  • Longer and more effective service life of washing machines and dishwashers
  • Laundry will keep its color, shape and softness
  • Money saved by significantly lower electric power consumption
  • No need for additional costly anti-scale agents

Key advantages

  • Does not contain phosphates or polyphosphates, is harmless for humans and environment
  • Intended for 2 refillings in Scalex inline inhibitor for washing machines and dishwashers
  • 30% economy of electric energy due to 100% capacity of the clean surface of heating elements
  • Up to 40% economy of washing powder due to its 100% effectiveness after reduction of hardness
  • 100% efficiency at high temperatures, operational temperature of heated water is up to 105 °С


The portion of 100 ml of the Scalex filter media is intended for 20 000 L of water, or 400 washing cycles.

But please be advised that our tap water contains many various contaminants. During its service the filter media is gradually being contaminated by sediments, iron and organic matter, so it stops releasing active components into the water. In other words, there still is active substance in its grains, but it is not being released into the water.

Hence, to keep your washing machine or dishwasher protected from scale at all times, you are recommended to replace the filter media every 6 months.

Filter media replacement manual

  • Turn off water supply through the filter and make sure there is no pressure in the housing
  • Screw the filter lid off the filter housing
  • Put off the mesh on the top covering the filter media
  • Remove the filter media remaining in the housing, and wash out its remains from the filter housing
  • Pour the new filter media from the container. The container is intended for two replacements of the filter media
  • Put the mesh back onto the filter housing, and screw the filter housing back to the filter lid
  • Turn on water supply
  • The filter is ready for further operation


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