Glass Swingtop Bottle with H2O Branding – 1 litre – Sparkling

Glass Swingtop Bottle with H2O Branding – 1 litre – Sparkling

Why choose glass bottles?

When it comes to choosing a packaging material, there are many considerations for the consumer – weight, strength, temperature, size, price, style, nostalgia, product – the list goes on and on. But the most important one should, in fact, be health.

Because if you think about it, most of what you consume is out of packaging.

So, when it comes to glass, because it is inert, you can rest assured that whatever substance or content is packaged, will remain as pure and uncontaminated as they were intended to be. Take a jar of marmalade, or even a simple thing like a bottle of water – if they’re packaged in glass, the way their producers intended them to taste, look and smell will remain exactly that way, because glass won’t add anything and won’t take anything away either.

As long as what you consume is packaged in glass, it will be as healthy as it can be.


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Have you ever considered how healthy the packaging is that you buy? Well, next time, consider this:

  • Glass is made from three natural substances – sand, limestone and soda ash.
  • These make it completely inert; glass won’t leach any synthetic chemicals into its contents.
  • Unlike various other packaging materials, glass does not contain Biphesnol-A, a chemical that has been
  • banned in a number of countries around the world.
  • Glass is odourless.
  • Glass is the only packaging material that doesn’t require extra layers to protect its contents.
  • Glass has proven to be safe and healthy for you and for the environment for more than 3 000 years.
  • Glass is the only packaging material “Generally Recognized as Safe”
  • (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sourced from: – ‘Why is glass the healthiest choice?’

H2O International Refillable Glass Bottles:

  • High quality pressure moulded glass
  • Durable high temperature baked enamel artwork
  • Ultra hygienic swing cap with on-bound seal
  • Fully commercial dishwater compatible
  • Suitable for personal or commercial use


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