H2O International SA Special Projects Division

H2O International SA Special Projects Division

H2O International SA has partnered with other water purification industry specialists in order to offer you custom solutions to virtually any water quality problem or water purification application.

From purifying rain water to supply your holiday home or filtering ground water for use in your garden or toilet systems, to self-contained skid-mounted or containerized mixed media and RO systems to provide drinking water to a whole community or irrigation water to a whole farm.

Utilizing all water purification technologies and techniques currently available, backed up by the experience and expertise of our seasoned consultants and specialist partners, we have the capability to provide you with a custom solution to your specific water purification requirements.

*Prices include VAT, but exclude transport, delivery and installation. Which may vary by region. **Prices reflected on the website are subject to availability of product. All prices are for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O International SA consultant for transport, delivery and installation quote, and to confirm stock availability. Please find contact details here.


H2O International SA Special Projects Division

Require a custom solution to a water purification application?
Developing a custom solution and recommendation is an involved process that requires as much data and detail about your particular water purification / supply requirements and desired application as possible.

We generally require the following information when making an enquiry:

  • Details of supply water source
    o Physical address of source
    o Municipal, bore-hole, river, dam, rain water, processed water? etc
    o Current water analysis or water sample for analysis from water source
  • Details of desired application
    o Water purification level
    o Desired application (drinking, household, irrigation, industrial etc)
    o Water supply/capacity requirements
    o Specialized requirements 
  • Details of existing infrastructure of site
    o Reservoirs, tanks, pumps, power, buildings, plumbing etc

A current water analysis from your water supply source is the most important aspect of the enquiry, as a recommendation cannot be developed without one.

We require a current and full water analysis. Please click here for an example.
If you do not have a water analysis for your water source, then we will arrange one through an independent laboratory.

For details on acquiring a water analysis, please click here.

When making an enquiry please note that this process can take a fair amount of time as your water quality/supply problems are discussed in detail and your end requirements clearly outlined, raw data is analyzed, outside specialists consulted if required, possible options considered and scrutinized, and the end proposal and quote finalized.

To make an enquiry please contact us at 0800 492 837 or email us at enquiries@h2o.co.za.

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