H2O/BWT Activated Filtration Media FRP Vessels


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AFM, is a revolutionary filter media made form glass that more than doubles the performance of quartz or glass sand for an existing filtration system.

AFM is bio-resistant and self-sterilising.



  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • AFM remove E.g.
  • Colour and fine fibers Paper
  • Residual mineral oils Petrochemicals
  • Residual vegetable oils & emulsions Food & Beverage
  • Heavy metals Microchips
  • Total Organic Carbons Pharmaceutical

Industrial Water Treatment

  • AFM remove E.g.
  • Organic pollutants and residual oils From river water
  • TSS, VSS and Particles down to < 1 micron From seawater
  • Humic and Fulvic acids From lakes
  • H2S and SRB From ground water

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

  • AFM remove E.g.
  • Phosphorous and ammonia Secondary treated effluent
  • BOD, COD & TOC Tertiary treated effluent
  • TSS, VSS and Particles down to < 1 micron Tertiary treated effluent

Drinking Water Treatment

  • AFM remove E.g.
  • Iron and manganese From river water
  • Arsenate From ground water
  • Silt Density Index SDI (SDO) Reverse Osmosis
  • Pre-treatment

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AFM FRP 12X52, AFM FRP 13X54, AFM FRP 16X65


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