Halopure Pitcher Filter Cartridge


With 3 stages of purification, removes sediment and harmful substances, therby improving tatse and odour and removes 99% of bacteria and viruses


Halopure Pitcher Filter Cartridge


  • 99.9% bacteria reduction
  • 99.9% virus reduction
  • Inhibits odours caused by bacterial growth
  • Inhibits the growth of microorganisms that could foul the pitcher of filter cartridge
  • Reduces organic contaminants
  • Removes dirt and other impurities
  • Removes chlorine and harmful chemicals commonly found in tap water
  • Improves taste, colour and odour


  • Flow Rate: Approx. 100 ml/min
  • Daily Output: Approx. 10 lt/day
  • Filter cartridge capacity: 375 lt
  • Filter Media:
    • Sediment Filter
    • Granular activated carbon
    • Halopure antimicrobial media
  • Halopure technology was developed in the United States of America and is registered by the U.S. EPA
  • Halopure media tested and certified by NSF International
  • Tested and certified by WQA

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Improve Taste, Remove Colour & Odour

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