HealthWay Air Deodoriser

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HealthWay Air Deodoriser

  • Room air sanitizer and deodoriser.
  • For roomsup to 130 sq. meters.
  • Removes offensive indoor odors and kills harmful bacteria, viruses and mould.
  • Perfect for use in homes, offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics and more.
  • •Wall mounted or countertop.

How far would you go to protect your family, friends and staff from natural airborne diseases? The Healthway Air Deodouriser generates ozone to effectively eliminate offensive indoor airborne odours. While other automatic aerosols only mask unpleasant odours, the Healthway deodoriser works by eliminating the harmful air particles that cause the odours.Result? A home, office, hospital, restaurant, veterinary clinic, butchery or closet that is free from harmful organisms which cause illness.

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HealthWay Air Deodoriser Features:

  • Unit placement – Wall mounted or set on table top
  • Room capacity – 130sq. metres
  • Power consumption – 21 W
  • 2 Levels of sanitizing:
  • Deodorizer level: Low levels of activated oxygen to remove odours
  • Disinfectant level: High levels of activated oxygen for the ultimate clean room
  • Caution: Recommended to be used in unoccupied areas only when set at disinfectant level
  • Automatic 24 Hour Timer Dial – Set in 15 minute increments to go off in unoccupied areas to deodorise or disinfect
  • Comes with DC 12V cigarette lighter adapter – for use in cars, boats and caravans
  • Perfect for use in – homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, bathrooms/change-rooms/locker-rooms, beauty salons, hospitals, doctors rooms, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, butchers, vehicles, closets, basements, storage areas, clean rooms and more!

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