KOR Delta Hydration Vessel 750ml BPA Free water bottle


  • 750ml
  • Blue
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • BPA free


It’s an on-the-go vessel with a confident personality and ground breaking new features. The versatile Delta features an easy-to-open, push button cap with ergonomic handle, KOR’s Perfect Spout™, and a new safety latch for worry-free closure. The cap and vessel separate with a simple twist for easy cleaning. Perfect for those who are on the go and lead active lifestyles.



KOR Delta Hydration Vessel 750ml BPA Free water bottle


  • Cushioned base – Enjoy smooth landings with a soft rubber base that protects furniture and prevents slipping.
  • Easy clean. Easy fill – A nifty spout that twists off to reveal a much larger opening for easier cleaning and filling.
  • Ergo-comfort – Sleek designs that are a joy to hold. Integrated ergonomic handles that make carrying a breeze.
  • Hygienic spout – Most bottles force you to drink from an exposed surface, but our cap design completely protects the spout when not in use.
  • KOR stones – Disc-shaped tokens with a message that provide a bit of inspiration each time you drink.
  • No-worry cap – Swivels open with the press of a button and the twist of the wrist, then stays out of your way while you drink.
  • Perfect spout – Our exclusive threadless design feels great on your lips. Large for chugging and ice cubes, small enough to minimize splashes.
  • BPA-Free – Made from advanced Eastman Tritan, a safe, durable, BPA-Free polycarbonate material.


  • Includes 2 KOR stones in cap for personalized messages
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Capacity: 750 ml
  • Dimensions: 272mm x 82.5mm x 73mm (height x width x depth at base)
  • Materials: Eastman Tritan™ (vessel body/trim); POM plastic (button/latch); GLS TPE(seal, cap cover, bottom pad)
  • Colour: Blue


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