Niagara TOP 65 WG Countertop Bottleless Chilled Still & Sparkling Water Dispenser

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Niagara water coolers are robust and reliable professional units. Aimed at facilitating bottled water management and improving efficiency, they comply with the highest standards in terms of product performance and quality.

All models are certified and are ideal for large-scale applications. Their cutting-edge technology allows large amounts of still and sparkling water to be dispensed. They can be used to fill jugs or bottles as a practical, quick, low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to serving plastic bottled water.

The high production capacity of the Niagara makes it especially suitable for use in restaurants, cafeterias, offices and other high volume areas.

The Niagara TOP 65 WG is a countertop dispenser that produces very high volumes (65 litres/hour) of chilled, ambient and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

This product can be placed on any countertop surface provided it has access to a water supply, water waste and power point.
The tall dispensing area makes it very easy for waiters or restaurant patrons to easily dispense chilled still or sparkling water into glasses, bottles and carafes.

C02 for the sparkling water is supplied to these units via a standard Afrox Suremix 100 gas cylinder (10L or 50L).*

*Gas canisters not included

**Drip tray not included (optional)

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Prices include VAT and delivery fee for products over R1000. Excludes Installation cost, this price may vary by region. All prices are valid for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O consultant for an installation quote. Please find contact details here.


Niagara TOP 65 WG Countertop Bottleless Chilled Still & Sparkling Water Dispenser


  • Bottleless – Connects directly to water supply
  • Countertop unit
  • Dispenses Cold, Ambient and Sparkling water
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Ice bank direct chilling system – Produces chilled water faster
  • Tall dispensing area to easily fill bottles and jugs
  • Can utilize Afrox Suremix 100 canister as CO2 source (not included)
  • Built in drip tray with drainage
  • Warranty period: 2 years



  • Very high chilling capacity – Specifically designed for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry
  • Bottleless – Best convenience
  • Bottleless – Very hygienic
  • Bottleless – Best long-term economic value
  • Bottleless – Environmentally friendly – No transport of bottles
  • Made in Italy – Excellent quality and performance



  • Compressor cooling
  • Ice bank direct chilling system
  • Adjustable thermostat for cold water: 2ºC – 12ºC
  • Cooling Capacity: 65 lt/hr at 10ºC
  • Cold Water Continuous Flow: 40 litres
  • Ambient operation temperatures: 10ºC – 38ºC
  • Ice bank capacity: 4.5 litres
  • Cabinet material: High quality, steel/grey skinplate
  • Cooling power consumption: 300 W
  • Height: 51 cm
  • Depth: 42 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Made in Italy


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