Omnipure Aquabond General Food Services Water Purifier

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The Omnipure Aquabond General Food Services Water Purifier has been designed for the treatment of water to be used for general, small-scale applications in the food and beverage service industry, including in-line water dispensers, ice makers and filter coffee machines.

Utilizing Omnipure’s specialized ELF XL Aquabond/Phosphate filter cartridge, the system is designed for treating the main aspects of water quality that are important for general food services applications, namely; chemical removal and taste and odour improvement, and reduction of scale formation.

The ELF XL Aquabond/Phosphate filter cartridge is made up if a 10 micron activated carbon block for the removal of harmful chemicals and contaminants commonly found in tap water like chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents and disinfectant by-products, and Slow Phos phosphate beads for the prevention of scale formation to protect the pipes, tanks and internal components of ice machines and water dispensers from damage and impeded performance due to scaling.

The densely packed carbon filter cartridge also acts as 10 micron sediment filter for removing suspended particles.

The filter cartridge utilizes a bayonet-style fitting for quick and easy cartridge replacement, minimizing production down-time.

Prices include VAT and delivery fee for products over R1000. Excludes Installation cost, this price may vary by region. All prices are valid for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O consultant for an installation quote. Please find contact details here.


Omnipure Aquabond General Food Services Water Purifier


  • Specialized purification system for the food and beverage services industry
  • Removes chlorine and improves taste, colour and odour
  • Inhibits scaling of pipes, elements, boilers and water tanks
  • Bayonet style cartridges for quick, neat and easy filter replacement
  • Installed neatly against wall, in cupboard or under-counter
  • Includes shut-off valve for cartridge replacement


  • Maximum Flow-rate: 7.5 L/min
  • Maximum Expected Capacity – Aquabond/Phosphate: 28 000 lt
  • Average Longevity – Aquabond/Phosphate: 6 months
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Minimum Working Pressure: 2.7 bar
  • Temperature Range: 2 ºC – 38 ºC
  • 3/8” push-fittings for easy installation
  • Height: 51.5 cm
  • Width: 40.5 cm
  • Shipping weight: 1.7 kg

Not suitable for:

  • Non-municipal water
  • Microbiologically unsafe water
  • Removing salts & minerals
  • Long periods without maintenance

Suitable for:

  • Ice Makers.
  • Food and beverage service industry use.
  • Filter Coffee Machines.
  • Direct connection water dispensers.
  • Limited countertop space.
  • Municipal water.
  • Regular maintenance.
  • Scale prevention applications.


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