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Filter your drinking water and protect your domestic and industrial appliances with BWT’s Point of Entry (POE) Water Filters. Ensure that you have the highest quality drinking water before it enters your home or office. Our award-winning range of products are easy to use and guarantee that every tap dispenses the purest water.

Our POE Water Filter Process:

  1. Ask an H2O Franchise to install one of the BWT products into your home or office space.
  2. Water flows from the municipal supply.
  3. The product traps the foreign contaminants that are larger than 30 and 100um and filters them out.
  4. Filtered water, free from suspended particles, like sand, silt and rust; flows into your kitchen, bathroom and every tap outlet.

No technical knowledge is required to replace a BWT POE Water Filter.

*Prices include VAT, but exclude transport, delivery and installation. Which may vary by region. **Prices reflected on the website are subject to availability of product. All prices are for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O International SA consultant for transport, delivery and installation quote, and to confirm stock availability. Please find contact details here.
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BWT’s Protector BW 1” backwashing feature allocates a longer life to your POE water filter and ensures excellent drinking water too. The backwashing feature reverses the water flow and flushes out the accumulated sediments.


  • Eco Friendly.
  • Filter series for drinking water purposes.
  • Available as a backwash filter with varying micron ratings.
  • Ensures longevity of appliances.


  • Backwash Filter
  • Filter Sizes 1″
  • Micron rating 90um & 30um
  • Flow Rate 3.5m³/h


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