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Siliphos is a scale inhibiting or sequestering agent in the form of soluble, sodium hexametaphosphate spheres.

The formation of scale on surfaces in potable water systems is due to the crystallization of carbonates or sulfates of magnesium or calcium from solution.

Siliphos works be releasing low levels of polyphosphates into the water which interfere with crystal growth, as well as by forming a protective layer of Iron-Calcium-Phosphates along the inner surfaces of pipes, water tanks, elements etc. which deters the deposition and formation of scale.

Polyphosphates have also been found to not only inhibit scale formation, but also help remove existing hard deposited carbonate or sulphate scale. Pipelines carrying potable water treated with polyphosphate for extended periods of time (several months) first show a gradual softening of the scale followed by disintegration and removal.

Siliphos is introduced into water systems via a treatment media filter housing that holds the spheres, which are slowly dissolved away as water flows over them.

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Siliphos spheres have been shown to offer the following benefits in the treatment of potable and process water systems:

  • Stabilize the hardness constituents in cold and hot water systems (up to 80ºC)
  • Prevent precipitation/formation of scale on internal surfaces
  • Sequester the heavy metal ions e.g. iron & manganese
  • Minimise the occurrence of red water caused by dissolved iron
  • Prevent pipe corrosion by forming a protective layer of phosphates
  • Enable the gradual removal of existing scale


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