The Fresh Mate Plus Air Purifier model SAA-68805

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The Fresh Mate Plus Air Purifier model SAA-68805

  • Room air purifier and deodoriser
  • For roomsup to 20 sq. meters
  • Fragranced
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and germs
  • Perfect for use in children’s bedrooms and bedside tables

Help prevent unnecessary airborne illnesses for you and your family – invest in the most popular air purifier on the market – the Fresh Mate Air Purifier. This multi-purpose device is the ideal replacement for modern day room air fresheners. Not only does it purify the air through a multi-stage air purification system, but it also eliminates unwanted odours by releasing a sweet lime or rose scent through the fragrance chamber. The Fresh Mate is perfect for a child’s bedroom as well as a small office.

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Fresh Mate Plus Air Purifier Features:

  • 15 – 20sq. meters
  • Max air flow – 112m3/h
  • Multi-stage air purification – UV/TiO2 Photocatalyst filter, Activated Carbon filter, HEPA filter, Pre-filter, Negative Ion generator
  • Optional negative ion output – 1.5 million/cubic cm
  • LED display
  • Fan speeds – 3 speeds (High, Medium, Low)
  • Timer control – 2h, 4h, 8h
  • Noise level – 26dB
  • Power consumption – 40 W (one 40W light bulb)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Fragrance chamber
  • Can be placed up-right or on its side (to change air flow direction)
  • Perfect for children’s bedrooms and bed-side tables
  • Warranty – 1 year (all parts except replacement filters)

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