Triple Big Blue 20" - Assembled Housing


Triple Big Blue 20″ –  Fully Assembled Housing

Plug and Play!

All you need to do is purchase your 20″ cartridges below and you are ready to go.

Using a whole house pre-treatment system prevents sand and mud from entering your home’s pipes, geysers and washing machines, and ensures that your family are protected from possible harmful bacterial contamination.

Suggested Cartridges for Triple BB20 Full Set:

1st stage: 5 micron pre-filter cartridge for effective sediment and particle removal.

2nd Stage: Granular Activated Carbon cartridge for reduction of Chlorine and other harmful chemicals, as well as the improvement of taste, colour and odour of municipal water.

3rd Stage: 5 micron sediment filter for a final polish ensuring optimal buffering.

The activated carbon filter cartridge also helps to reduce Chlorine and other harmful chemicals commonly found in tap water, as well as improve the taste of all the water from every tap in your home.




3 x BB20 Housings with 1″ ports -Blue Sump

1 x Big Blue Bracket

1 x Spanner for Easier opening of 20″ Housings

2 x 1″ connectors

Additional information

1st Stage

No Sediment Filter, 5 Micron BB20

2nd Stage

No Carbon Filter, BB20 Carbon Block, BB20 GAC, BB20 Iron Removal

3rd Stage

No Cartridge, 5 Micron BB20, BB20 Carbon Block


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