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Single 10 Under Counter Replaceable Cartridge System

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Single 10 Under Counter Replaceable Cartridge System

The system includes a standard, lever-style faucet and comes with full instructions and all the fittings needed for easy DIY installation under your sink.

This purifier is only suitable for areas or applications with low sediment content in the water. If high sediment is present, ask your H2O International SA consultant to recommend a sediment filter which can be easily installed before the system.

Prices include VAT and delivery fee for products over R1000. Excludes Installation cost, this price may vary by region. All prices are valid for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O consultant for an installation quote. Please find contact details here.


Single 10 Replaceable Cartridge Under Counter Purifier

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  • Neatly installed under your sink and connected to water supply
  • Includes separate faucet for purified water
  • Supplied in kit form – Includes all fittings required for installation
  • Replaceable cartridge system – Easy maintenance
  • Specifically designed for use with bacteriologically safe municipal water
  • Removes hundreds of contaminants
  • Improves taste and colour
  • Eliminates odours
  • Pro-rata Warranty: 6 months


Benefits and Recommended Uses:                        

  • Entry level product – Very affordable
  • Under-counter – Neat installation
  • Under-counter – Convenient and space saving
  • Under-counter – Good for home owners
  • Replaceable cartridge – Easy maintenance
  • Replaceable cartridge – Very cost effective
  • 10″ Housings – Large variety of cartridges available



  • Maximum Flow Rate: 3.8 lt/min
  • Includes chrome faucet
  • Includes pressure reducing valve preset at 400kPA
  • 10″ Housing – Replaceable cartridge system
  • Height: 30.8 cm
  • Width: 11.8 cm
  • Shipping weight: 2.0 kg


1 review for Single 10 Under Counter Replaceable Cartridge System

  1. Yvette Fourie

    Brilliant product with crystal clear water without chlorine taste.

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