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Woda-Pure Clear Magnesium Mineralized


SKU: BWT030 | BWT031 | BWT032


Removal of chlorine and other harmful substances present in water by means of activated carbon. Patented Magnesium mineralization technology replaces calcium present with essential magnesium by ion exchange, neutralising the pH and enhancing the flavour of your water. Perfect for hot beverages.

Cartridge Size:

  • R1 800 – S – 1 200L Capacity

  • R2 100 – V – 2 500L Capacity

  • R2 600 – M – 3 800L Capacity


Under Counter Technology (Clean Drinking Water Direct from your Tap)

  • Removal of particles such as sand, grit and rust
  • Safe Removal of suspended solids
  • Removal of calcium/Limescale
  • Eliminates chlorine taste and smell
  • Reliable removal of organic contaminants
  • Best Flavoured tea and very aromatic coffee
  • ADDS healthy magnesium minerals¬† back into the water
  • Cartridge Size:
    • S -1200L Capacity
    • V-2500L Capacity
    • M-3800L Capacity

Additional information

Cartridge Size

M – 3800L Capacity, S – 1200L Capacity, V – 2500L Capacity


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