Woda-Pure Clear Magnesium Mineralized


The Anti-Limescale & Magnesium Mineralizer 

Enrich drinking water with magnesium while reducing limescale

BWT Woda-Pure Magnesium Clear Mineralizer reduces limescale in water and enrich with quality mineral magnesium, which improves the taste of food and aroma of drinks.

With multiple levels of filtration, it is the ideal solution for individual needs:

  • Fine sediment filtration.
  • Reduces water hardness in water while replacing with magnesium.
  • Limescale formation in kettles and coffee machines will reduce significantly.
  • Ion-exchanger removes copper & other heavy metals.
  • Activated Carbon removes chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, sediments & other contaminants.
  • Activated Carbon is coated with silver, inhibiting bacteria growth




BWT Clear Mineralizer reduces limescale to protect e.g. your coffee machine and ensures well-balanced mineralization for a better taste by the patented Mg2+ technology. The BWT Woda-Pure filter cartridge can be installed easily below the sink to save space. 1,2, or 3 filter cartridges can be combined and mounted inline.

The Process:

  1.  Enrichment: The Woda-Pure Clear Series ENRICHES the water with magnesium minerals – bringing out the best flavours in your teas and getting all the aromas out of your coffee. Furthermore, the Clear provides delicious water for daily consumption of drinking water.
  2. Removal of:
    • CALCIUM (Hardness) – To prevent limescale deposits in hot/cold water machines (Coffee machines).
    • PARTICLES, ORGANICS and SUBSTANCES responsible for bad taste and odour (Eg. Chlorine).

Woda-Pure Series Brochure



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