Absolutely unmatched expertise and free advice to get you the best water solution for your water needs!


We offer a wide range of products and services that bring you good quality drinking water for your home and office. Our rental solutions offer a wide range of water purification and filtration products. We offer competitive pricing, professional service, and a dedicated aftersales service team.

Installation, Product Service, Repairs and System Audits

Our infield specialist team will ensure you get the best out of your product, whether its installation of new products or servicing of the existing. We also offer a service of auditing your domestic water treatment plant, and advice the best option for refurbishment.

Sanitation of Water Dispenser

Sanitisation involves the cleaning of the external parts of the dispenser, and the cleaning and disinfecting of all internal water contact surfaces, pipework, and taps. The sanitization can take from 15 minutes. H2O|BWT can sanitise almost any type of dispenser. We recommend dispenser sanitising every 6 months.

Contact your nearest store to arrange a sanitisation

Water delivery service

Purified water can be delivered to your doorstep for use in your home or for a bottle type dispenser. This convenient service ensures you have water on tap, whenever needed.


Give Us A Water Sample

You really shouldn’t buy a water filter off-the-shelf. It is highly likely that it will be incorrect for your area’s water problems. Send us a water sample, and we will advise, free of charge, which filter is the best for you.

Service Your H2O | BWT Water Dispenser With Us and Extend Your Guarantee!

Did you know all H2O | BWT Water Dispensers come with a 2-year guarantee?
But that’s not all!
If you service with H2O | BWT and use H2O | BWT original replacements your water filter will extend to a 3 year guarantee!

Protect your family, ensure that you are purchasing and servicing these products directly with us at H2O | BWT.

Book a service with us today and one of our water filter experts will be in contact to assist you!

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Why You Should Use Original H2O | BWT Products

Guaranteed to Protect You

Counterfeit water filters are not guaranteed to protect you from the risks of contaminated water. They may have the same appearance, but definitely won't have the same unbeaten, cutting edge water filter technology in H2O | BWT water filters.

to Fit

Counterfeit spares, accessories and cartridges may not fit H2O | BWT products correctly and cause damage and wastefulness through leaking. Original H2O | BWT parts are perfectly made for your valuable water filters and softeners. Therefore won't cause damage and will extend their lifespan.

Guaranteed to be APPROVED

Our products have been certified in the countries that they were manufactured in, for example, USA and Europe, including certifications/approvals from ISO, FDA, NSA, WRAS and more!

Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of all South Africans – is echoed throughout the company where all role players are focused on informing South Africans of the benefits of drinking clean, safe, purified water.

Water Purification Solutions

Since 1965, H2O | BWT has pioneered the water treatment market in South Africa. With unmatched expertise and product range, we can solve any water issue you may have.

SA's Number 1 Water Purification Company


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