Sparkling Water vs. Still Water: Which Is The Healthiest Option?

Does the choice between still or sparkling water make any difference beyond taste and experience? It is a common myth that still water is healthier than sparkling water.

We want to put the record straight.

Hydration Is Hydration

All things considered, still or sparkling water, the most important point is to stay hydrated. For many people, sparkling water adds a bit of extra buzz to their drink and makes it easier to keep drinking during the day.

Often, people mistake sparkling water for carbonated sodas. The only main similarity is that they are both fizzy. Beyond that, they are very different!

Adults consume the most sugar through drinks like soda, sweetened tea, and lemonade. Several studies have found that sugar-sweetened beverages increase the risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease (WebMD). With artificial sweeteners, diet sodas may have downsides as well. Sparkling water is naturally sweet, so if you prefer it to soda, and you want something fizzy, sparkling water is your best choice.

The question is often asked whether sparkling water causes tooth decay, osteoporosis, or is somehow more calorific than still water.

Debunking The Myth

So, does sparkling water cause tooth decay and osteoporosis? In all these cases, the myth is untrue. Sparkling water is the same as still water except that it has added carbon dioxide gas, which gives it the “fizz”. That’s it. The same source, the same purity, the same high quality ( 

Sparkling water has been shown to help aid digestion. A study involving 21 participants found that sparkling water relieved constipation and indigestion (Nourish).

It’s far better to drink pure, natural sparkling water than drinking colas or other flavoured sodas if you’re a fan of fizzy drinks. Tooth decay can be caused by sparkling waters that are high in sugar. Plain sparkling water, however, does little harm to your teeth, compared to drinking soda (Nourish). Several of the most popular brands of soft drinks contain enormous amounts of sugar, and even the diet versions contain additives and chemicals.

Award-winning reporter and writer specializing in nutrition, Sally Kuzemchak, found that sparkling water provided the same hydration as plain water. Considering, sparkling water is 100% water, with added carbonation for fizz and a slightly tangy flavour.

Pure and Flavoured

As opposed to non-carbonated water, sparkling water has been proven to be just as healthy and hydrating. Just make sure you know where the water comes from and feed your body pure, natural water. 

[Please Note: We at H2O | BWT are not suggesting that you need to go to a shop and buy bottled water. With our water filters, you can enjoy purified water from your kitchen tap! It is just as good and in fact, enhanced subtly in flavour because we have removed chemicals and contaminants, so you are left with the good minerals and, if you want, we can even supplement your water with minerals and zinc]. 

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Having said that, there are many other ways to enhance your water; anything to keep yourselves hydrated gets a thumbs-up from us. Mix in a dash of pure fruit juice, or slice in lemon, orange, cucumber, or lime if you want to add some extra flavour.

The only time we would advise still water over sparkling water is during a workout or exercise, and that’s simply because the carbonated water can be uncomfortable when combined with vigorous movement.

To stay hydrated and healthy on a day-to-day basis, choose whichever choice you prefer – either will do.

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