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Unit 6, The Powder Mill, 5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni ,7405

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H2O | BWT is the leading water treatment company in South Africa with locations all across the country, including Cape Town, where you can buy water dispensers, water filters, water purifiers, reverse osmosis water filters and many more high-quality water treatment items.

Visit your Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town H2O | BWT store today, and see our vast range of Water Filters, Cold, Hot and Sparkling Water Dispensers and Coolers, Water Softeners, Water Jugs and Shower Filters for your home and office!

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About Us

Welcome to South Africa’s no.1 Water Purification Company.

Together with BWT – Best Water Technology – H2O International are specialists in water purification, boasting an extensive range of products and services. We have the solution for all your water treatment needs, whether it’s enriching the taste of your water through our Magnesium Mineralized water filters, removing scale with our state-of-the-art water softeners, or guaranteeing clean, contaminant-free water by installing our bacteriostatic water purifiers – we have you covered. No project is too big or too small for us, including water deliveries and Raw Water treatment systems.

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Chris Le Mesurier

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Chris Le Mesurier H2O|BWT International Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Town CBD


Phone: 021 419 6000

Mobile: 082 372 7528 (Chris) | 079 491 1423 (Lindy)


Unit 6, The Powder Mill, 5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni ,7405