Procedure for taking a

water sample


Why you need a water sample of at least 1 litre.
  • This is the amount of water the lab needs to analyse all the parameters comfortably. They can get away with 750ml but not really less than this.
  • If 500ml is supplied they cannot analyse everything and some parameters are then left out of the analytical data set
  • Small samples may slow down the work as they have to be careful with rinsing procedures and constantly ensure they keep enough water aside for any remaining analytical work.
How long does the water sample remain viable for an analysis?
  • Anytime is okay: Provided the sampling date is included on the label of the sample.
  • However, things can go wrong if the sample heats up to a temperature higher than 20°C for extended periods of time.
  • So keep the sample cool wherever possible.
How much does it cost?

With the answer “Your water sample analysis is done by an independent water analysis company. Please enquire with us for a quote.

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Information to Include

When Sending A Water Sample For A Whole House Water Purifier

What is the source of the water? Municipal / Non-Municipal

If Non-Municipal

Are there any existing filtration systems being used (on the system where the sample was taken), or is the water being pre-treated in any way?

What is the physical address of the site where the water sample was taken?

What will the water be used for?