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Point of Use Water Purification that will remove unwanted chemicals & metals.

Why is water chlorinated in the first place?
Municipal water is well treated and certainly safe from the real nasties like cholera, typhoid and other frightening water born illnesses. Water is treated with chlorine, aluminum sulphate and fluoride. There are good reasons for this, the most important one being to make the water safe to drink and keep it safe all the way from the municipal reservoirs to your home or office.

“’It is the same as buying bread that is packaged in plastic,”’ says Tony Marchesini of H2O International S.A., “’the plastic keeps the bread fresh all the way from the bakery to the supermarket to your home.

When you are at home, you remove the plastic and eat the bread, you certainly don’t eat the plastic bag. This approach should be applied to water as well. The chlorine in our water is like the plastic, it keeps it safe to drink, but you should remove the chlorine by purifying the water as the last step before drinking it.”’

Why are H2O Purifiers the best in the world!


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  1. Good Day
    I am keen to change to a more alkaline diet & would like to know by how much does the introduction of Riolyte change the Ph balance when using an H2O water filter system.

    I am comparing your filters to an ionizer system which makes the water alkaline to a Ph of 8 +.

    Regards WK

    1. Good day Wendy,

      Our GAC/KDF systems with Riolyte is designed to improve the palatability of the water and increase the alkalinity slightly. But note that it will increase the pH value by less than 1 point.
      The final PH delivered will depend on the PH of the water being treated.

      If you want a guaranteed PH of over 8, we suggest you buy little Coral Calcium Sachets that are available at most health stores and add it to your purified water.

      The H2O Team

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