Rent a Water Cooler!

The Zero Capital-Outlay, Hassle-Free Way to Go!

We will deliver, set up and maintain. You simply enjoy unlimited, cold, sparkling water!

H2O|BWT Dispenser Rentals

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Go to Store Locator and click on the region closest to you. Even if there isn’t a brick-and-mortar shop close to you, you can enquire for any information through the closest store and your purchase will be delivered to you.

Renting A Cooler vs. Buying A Cooler

Rent a Water Cooler

Buy a Water Cooler


Must sign a time-locked rental agreement.


No rental agreements.


You don’t own the water cooler outright.


You own the water cooler outright.

Upgrade Any Time!

Machine is replaced free of charge after a certain amount of time.

You’re Stuck With It

When the machine is no longer efficient or breaks down, you will need to cover the replacement costs.

No capital outlay

Change or replace your water cooler at any time (costs adjustments will depend on rental agreement).

Higher Upfront Costs

But a saving in the long run.

Free Servicing & Sanitising

Maintenance Provided by H2O | BWT as part of the agreement.

No Routine Maintenance

But routine maintenance can be provided by H2O | BWT in a separate agreement.

Free Filter Replacement

Includes filter replacement and labour.

You need to buy and change the filters.

But routine filter changes can be provided by H2O | BWT in a separate agreement.

Free replacement parts

If there’s a malfunction with your unit, we fix or replace it.

100% tax-deductible

Your office water cooler is a business tax deduction.
Have a drink to celebrate!