The Problem with Tap Water

Our Municipalities do a great job treating our water so that we do not suffer from water born diseases. Our water is therefore ‘safe’ to drink. However chemicals like chlorine and aluminum sulphate are left in the water after treating it. Very necessary in the treatment process but harmful in the long term. There is also the risk of leakage into the already treated water in the system. Municipalities also don’t remove pesticides and herbicides and other industrial pollutants. The following are various newspaper articles highlighting the reason why tap water is a problem in our daily lives.

Extracts From Articles

“The chlorine in the water you and your family use to drink, shower, bathe and swim in, as well as drink, accumulates in your bodies and chips away at your health till your defenses crumble” “When chlorine is added to drinking and swimming water, it combines with other chemicals …cause cell damage.” “Among problems associated with chlorine are asthma…skin problems…”

“Startling evidence has linked Aluminum in tap water with Alzheimer’s disease.. for your own health’s sake an investment should be made in a home purifier …these remove contaminants such as aluminum, heavy metals, chlorine, toxins and pesticides.”
“…ticking time – bomb of disease outbreaks, with raw sewage spillages into community water sources being reported in 95 municipalities over the past 15 months.”

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