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SA’s No.1 Water PURIFICATION Company

We believe that every drop of water for everyone, everywhere, should be life-sustaining.

Water is both the elixir of life and a limited resource, but it is not always available at the quality level required. BWT & H2O International has therefore set itself the task of treating existing water on site, to make it available at the desired quality. We are commited to working sustainably, conserving the precious resource of our Blue Planet.


Long live your family. Our wide range of leading water filters, purifiers and dispensers provide great tasting, safe water straight from your tap for you and your family’s complete peace of mind.


Make the right choice for your business. Our wide range of water purifiers, coolers and water dispensers offer you a convenient, cost-effective way to ensure your office or business is constantly supplied with great tasting, safe water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.


Water is the central element in the hospitality, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With the correct water, filtered, purified or ultra-purified, We provide custom solutions for your specific requirements.


Your large-scale operation, plant, factory, healthcare facility or building demands the best water technology. H2O | BWT’s modular approach combines the best systems to solve all the water needs and challenges you may have.

About H2O|BWT

Known as Southern Africa’s leading water purification company, H2O|BWT has become a household name when it comes to those who require clean, purified, great tasting water.

H2O| BWT International SA’s range includes not only water purifiers, but also hot and cold water dispensers, ice machines, water conditioners, water fountains, and both commercial and industrial filtration systems. With over 450 products for home, office, the hospitality and agriculture industries, H2O International SA has the product to suit your individual needs.

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