Chlorine Shower, Anyone?

Exposure to high levels of chlorine in shower water can potentially pose adverse health impacts.

Chlorine, a commonly used disinfectant, is added to water sources to eliminate microorganisms and other contaminants. However, its presence in shower water may increase the toxicity of the water and affect human health.

Consider the aftermath of swimming in a chlorinated pool, where hair and skin may retain the scent of chlorine. The scenario of daily exposure to chlorinated water during showering can have similar implications, even if the odour is not noticeable.

Showering with chlorinated water is something that most of us do every day. Alarmingly, there is some evidence to suggest that showering with chlorinated water can result in a higher chlorine exposure than drinking tap water, but the exact amount absorbed can vary depending on several factors.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), chlorine reacts with water differently during a shower, especially when the water is hot and steamy. This reaction can cause the chlorine to evaporate and become airborne, which can then be inhaled and absorbed through the skin. This is evidence that the exposure to chlorine during a shower could be higher than drinking tapwater.

Of course, the exact amount of chlorine absorbed through the skin during a shower versus the amount ingested through drinking tap water can vary depending on several factors. The length and frequency of showers, the concentration of chlorine in the water, the temperature of the water, and the individual’s skin type and sensitivity can all impact how much chlorine is absorbed through the skin during a shower.

Despite the relatively low amount of chlorine absorbed through the skin during a shower, it is still important to be aware of the potential effects of chlorinated water on your health. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to chlorine in hot showers can cause harmful effects on the skin, hair, and overall health, and the World Health Organisation has also reported that asthma can be triggered by exposure to chlorinated water.

To minimize your exposure to chlorine, consider installing a water purifier in your home. H2O | BWT has a great variety of options to ensure your clean, safe water is produced and delivered as you wish. Some are specifically designed for shower heads and water systems that can be attached to your drinking water pipes. Others incorporate a whole-house approach, so every tap in your house produces purified water.

With H2O | BWT, you can get clean, purified water and experience the health and wellness you deserve.

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