Demand for purified water rising
The heat is rising and so is the demand for purified water Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. As the weather starts improving more and more people start exercising and becoming aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that exercise patterns are highly seasonal. Activity in the winter and autumn months falls to half of the summer high. With the increase in activity comes an increase in the demand for hydration. Water is always the best way to quench your thirst Water doesn’t get the same attention in the media as the latest fad drinks, yet it plays a much more critical role in our daily lives and in our bodies. Our bodies are made up of about 75% water and every system depends on water. Water is essential for the health of our skin, hair, nails, internal organs, blood pressure and controlling our body temperature.  According to Jim White, a registered dietician and personal trainer, “We’re seeing a huge decrease in athletic performance and fatigue that’s caused by lack of hydration -  90% of people tested are dehydrated." Your water intake while exercising is very important and hydration is dependent on your weight and even sex. People with a higher Body Mass Index, need to drink more water than people with a lower BMI. Men also tend to require more water for the same length and intensity of exercise than woman because they are larger. Colder water is also a better choice – as it tends to keep the body temperature lower for longer. Why purified water is the right choice More and more doubt is being cast about the quality of tap water in general. Tap water in SA is under threat. In a recent report on News24, it stated that almost 40% of our waste-water treatment facilities are in a critical state. An ageing water reticulation system, which is not being maintained properly is also exacerbating the problem. And it’s only getting worse. Due to budget constraints, sanitation and the required repair and maintenance is not being prioritised by many of our municipalities, according to a report from the SAHRC. So it stands to reason, if our water is not being monitored and cleaned, the risk of toxins and water borne diseases is only going to increase. The solution is to filter your water with a water purifier. To get the best quality and taste out of your water, look at H2O International SA’s range of water purification products. They’ll keep you hydrated with a constant supply of purified water 24/7. Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts.