Water refills suspended at all Western Cape stores with immediate effect.

We’re at Level 6B water restrictions. What does this mean for a water purification company, selling water purification products and prepared water bottled from a municipal source?

It’s in the best interest of the Western Cape and its people that we’ve decided to suspend all prepared water refills at R1 per litre in the Western Cape (excluding Garden Route and Hermanus stores) with immediate effect until we’ve defeated day zero or have found an alternative source of water. This is our effort as a company to reduce water usage across the province.

Our focus will remain on promoting the best water purification products, ensuring that the Western Cape and its people will continue to have access to clean, chlorine and contaminant-free purified water.

Come talk to our sales team in store to find out which water purification alternatives will suit your needs.

Let’s #defeatdayzero together!


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