Welcome to our new franchisee – Jan Van Rensburg

H2O international would like to send out a warm welcome to our newest franchise, Jan Van Rensburg. Jan will be heading the H2O Westrand Store, offering a wealth of experience.

Jan’s career started in the Hotel and Restaurant industry and saw him through 20 successful years.

“It taught me the importance of product and service consistency and exceeding customer expectations. The only way to achieve customer satisfaction is to be meticulous with all the elements”, something especially relevant in our industry.

Early in his career Jan was exposed to an array of water purification products, which he found especially valuable for coffee machines because they made a significant difference in enhancing taste, aroma and preventing limescale build up.

From 2015 until mid-2019 he spent his time consulting as a specialist in Botswana, opening, taking over and turning struggling businesses around. Part of his proposed budgets to his clients included purifiers for the ice-machine, coffee machine, and tap water ordered by the guests. “These unit installations were marked by me as compulsory items and priority expenses, that was justified by all round added value” – Jan. It’s clear to see why we’re happy to have Jan aboard. 

In July 2019, Mr Van Rensburg returned from consulting, with a new found passion for a well-balanced lifestyle. “I was ready to take on a new challenge with the emphasis on a balanced lifestyle”.

Jan set his focus on the water industry saying that he needed to find a career path and business concept that focused and traded with necessities instead of luxuries. “Water was the obvious choice as it’s essential to everyone and the future value aspect appealed to me”, says Jan.

“Research showed H2O to be the market leaders in South Africa and I was fortunate to have met the owner of H2O Westrand in August 2019 on his way to retirement. After negotiations it was official on 1 December 2019 when I took over a very stable and growing water purifying business.

“With the support from our H2O head office, the H2O Westrand staff and my service background part of my DNA, we are fully equipped to provide the best products that suits everyone’s needs and requirements.” 

We’re happy to welcome Jan to the H2O International team and look forward to working alongside him to continue to bring you the best service and the finest water quality available in SA.

Join SA’s no.1 purification company and ride the wave of success.

To join our winning team and become part of our success story, visit our online franchisee page.

We look forward to meeting you!


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