You’ll find the key to a better life at the bottom of the jug.

Summer is upon us and with that comes beach days, beach bods and fun in the sun. But, is your body ready for it?

We believe a summer body is made all year round and that it doesn’t just take a few sweaty weeks in the gym and a bland salad once in a while to achieve good health. People are essentially two-thirds water, meaning water not only makes up the majority of our body but that it is also imperative to maintain good health and a great body. 

If drinking the right amount of purified water is necessary for good health, and good health makes achieving a great body that much easier, then it’s a no brainer. Drink more water. And with great tasting water, you’ll have little reason not to. 

Using patented Magnesium technology, the new Penguin Magnesium Mineralized Water Jug filters and mineralizes the water you pour into it. It works out cheaper than buying bottled water and is portable and easy to use. It also balances the pH level, removes excess metals and enriches the water with magnesium, creating water nothing short of delicious, and of course free of chlorine and limescale. 

BWT’s Penguin Jug doesn’t just make tap water taste amazing, but food and drinks too. Just use the Magnesium Mineralized water as an ingredient. While you’re at it, get your family and friends involved by gifting them a BWT Penguin Jug, so they too can join the Magnesium movement.

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Now that it’s easier for you to reach your daily water goal by turning tap water into the best water, you’re one step closer to that perfect beach body. So, go on and find the key to a better life at the bottom of a Penguin Jug and fill your glass with some Magnesium Mineralized water that tastes great.

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Preparing for a Hot Summer

As the summer temperatures rapidly rise, bringing the promise of sunny days and outdoor adventures, prioritising hydration is crucial. The summer season demands that you