Buffer/Back-up Water Solution

Municipal back up offers you a pressured water feed solution, providing you with an uninterrupted water supply at all times.

Water is fed into the tank from the municipal supply, when the tank is full the water is pumped through our filtration system into the water supply to the house.

The water is constantly flowing through the tank, which means the water is not stagnant and there is always fresh municipal purified water available.

This solution is recommended to avoid the inconvenience of water interruptions. It offers you a chance to reduce your reliance on regulated water, with the added bonus that you still have access to clean water that is purified before entering your property ensuring that you have safe drinking water at every tap.

We offer the solution in the following configuration: (Africa Tank, VSD Grundfos pump & Purification system+UV)

1000lt – R34995.00

2000lt – R36995,00

5000lt – R40995,00 

*Prices excludes installation and Civil works. This can be quoted once a site inspection has been done by your local Franchisee*


  1. Tank

Product Features:

  1. Made from 100% Virgin Polymer
  2. UV resistant
  3. BPA Free
  4. Antibacterial
  5. Odour Free
  6. Heat Resistant
  7. Safe for Drinking Water
  8. Easy to Clean
  9. Unbeatably Strong
  10. Covered by a 10 Year Warranty

2. Pump

Product Features:

  1. SCALA2 is an integrated, self-priming, compact water booster pump.
  2. It is designed for perfect pressure inside the home.
  3. It’s quiet, easy to install, and maintains consistent pressure in all taps at all times.
  4. It has a build in Variable Speed Drive.

3.  AquaStar UV

Product Features:

  1. It removes unwanted contaminants in the water and kills harmful bacteria.
  2. The UV Unit comes with Elec. Adaptor (220-240V), UV Lamp, Quartz sleeve and 2 off O-rings
  3. Flow rate: Up to 1000L/hour
  4. Operating pressure: 400kPa (Max)
  5. Dimenstions (mm): 1000 x 400 x 920

Intended Use:

The unit is designed to treat the following contaminants;

  1. Removal of Suspended Solids
  2. Chlorine removal, Odour, Colour, and Improving taste.
  3. Destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens


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