5 ways you’ll know it’s time to replace your filter

How to tell when your water filter needs replacing?

Replacing your filter is not always at the top of your to-do list. So here are 5 helpful ways that will indicate it’s time to replace your filter:


1. Sediment in your water

The moment you spot brown sediment in your water, you’ll know your filter has been working hard at capturing it. Particles are not uncommon in water systems. When water mains burst, bits of soil sneak into the water system and consuming this could be harmful to your health. Be aware of the signs and replace your filter.


2. Low water pressure

Sediment and particles like microplastics can easily block your filter. If your water pressure drops out of the blue, it’s worth checking and replacing your filter.


3. Maximum longevity of the filter

The longevity of a filter depends on your type of water filter, the water quality in your area, how much water you use and a couple of other factors. However, if you have not experienced sediment in your water, low water pressure or have a visibly dirty filter after a couple of months, simply follow your H2O International consultant’s recommendation on when replacement is necessary.


4. Visible dirty filter

Over time, particles like sand, mud, silt and rust build up in your filter. This causes discolouration and often a thick membrane around your filter. If you see this when opening your filter, it’s time for a new one.


5. Compromised odour or taste

When your purified water starts tasting metallic or when it smells of chlorine, it’s safe to say it’s time to replace your filter. This normally happens overnight.


Replace your filters when you experience the above signs. We call it ‘thinking inside the drop’.
For expert advice on our water purification systems, contact your nearest H2O International store here.


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