A healthy home deserves a healthy heart.

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and without a healthy kitchen one cannot expect to have a healthy home. Install a BWT Woda-Pure Water Purifier in your kitchen to ensure the heart of your home is as healthy as can be.

Magnesium technology that filters and purifies your water

The Woda-Pure makes use of patented Magnesium technology that filters and purifies your water, ensuring you have healthier drinking water available at the turn of a tap. This process begins under your counter, where the unit is neatly installed out of sight. Regular tap water is run through the system where the Woda-Pure actively balances pH levels and removes chlorine, metals and limescale, which is beneficial to your health and the health of your household appliances.

After the harmful bacteria and chemicals are filtered out, the water is then mineralised with magnesium. This ensures your water tastes amazing, meaning the meals and drinks made with it will taste better too. And, of course you’ll be doing your part in reducing the use of plastic bottles, by bottling your own mineral water at home.

BWT & H2O believes you deserve the best water quality at home, to ensure a better, healthier life. Purify the heart of your home by adding a Woda-Pure undercounter unit to your kitchen.

Get mineralized by visiting an H2O International store near you today. 


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