Knock-off water filters / purifiers entering the market

When investing in your health it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the water filter / purifier you buy is sourced from a reliable supplier.

“Consumers should do proper research on water filtration and the components that their choice products are made of, before purchasing – not all water filters are made equal, even if they look alike. Some may even contain elements that are harmful to your health”, says Tony Marchesini, managing director of H2O International SA.

“Owing to the drought we are seeing an influx of inferior water filtration systems flood the market, including knock-off H2O International products. Every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ claims to know how to treat water and what systems should be installed where. The truth is that there are a lot of fakes out there and if you are investing in a filtration system you really must insist on products that are tried and tested, even if it means asking the vendor to provide proof of origin and certification. These filtration systems need to be installed and applied correctly looking carefully at the water quality as a starting point”

Some over-the-counter knock-offs might contain lead, which is a very harmful substances. Most have not been tested and cannot deliver consistent quality over time. For example, there are different grades of granular activated carbon (GAC) and it is important to know where that carbon originates from and what it is designed for.

Other factors that determine the performance of a water purifier include flow rate, granul size, compactness, whether the media is water washed or acid washed, whether the filter has been tested for channeling, what the filter housing is made of and how it has been designed. Certain filters need a pressure or flow regulator installed prior to the main housing to prevent burst housings and flooding.

Marchesini continues, “There are so many variables. Don’t gamble with your health! H2O International has over 25 year’s experience and has never once compromised when it comes to quality, the media bed used, the ratios and proportions, and the fine attention to detail that goes into putting products together. We have 52 outlets across the country with trained professionals and we live by the slogan ‘It’s what’s inside that counts!’. H2O International can assure 100% purified water of the finest quality 365 days per year.

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