Purifying your tap water is a necessity not a luxury

It’s only natural to assume that the water from your tap is perfectly safe to drink – but that simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Julius Kleynhans, Head of Environmental Affairs at Afriforum says that the way water is regulated in South Africa poses a threat to all its citizens.

Water shortages and crumbling infrastructure are destroying our water quality

The severe water shortage that South Africa currently faces, has led to more concentrated levels of water pollution. This makes the water harder to treat, and forces the Water Treatment Facilities to add higher levels of health-damaging chemicals during the sanitisation process.

What makes matters worse, is that our aging water treatment plants and infrastructure are not being properly maintained. It is estimated that 37% of South Africa’s Municipal water is wasted through leaking pipes and taps. These leaks also play havoc with the water quality during periods of “water shedding” when the temporarily empty pipes allow contaminated water from outside the pipes to seep back through the leaks, and into the drinking water.

Severe blue-green algae outbreak is a major health risk

A much-publicised 2015 study stated that South Africa has the highest known levels of blue-green algae concentration in the world, contaminating around two-thirds of our water sources.  This cyanobacteria is of immediate concern as it is releasing several toxins that could pose a very significant health risk to humans – and the treatment plants are unable to effectively remove it. It tends to target the liver first, but can also affect the heart, kidneys, nervous system and male reproductive system.

Protect your health and your family with SA’s no.1 purification company

H2O International SA’s purifiers are the only purifiers in the country to contain the KDF ® /GAC/ Riolyte Process Media, which guarantee great tasting water of the finest quality.  The highly patented KDF Process Media is the only way to effectively remove dangerous heavy metal contaminants from the water. Unlike common carbon filters, the KDF Process Media is also truly bacteriostatic with an electrolytic field that creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria, algae and many other microorganisms.

H2O’s range of filtration systems brings you the best quality of water, directly from the tap in your home. Stay hydrated with a constant supply of great-tasting 100% purified water 24/7 and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts.


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