The benefits of thinking inside the drop

What we often don’t take into account is water’s journey from the water treatment plant to our taps. Do these pipes look fine on the inside? And the pipes of our homes?

Water is a main life source, so it needs to be free of any possible contaminant that could potentially threaten your health. Your water should be free of suspended solids, chemicals and their by-products, metals (especially heavy metals) and biological activity. There’s no time like the present: invest in one of our water purification solutions.

If you’re reading this article, you’re already on the right track; we have the widest range of water purification solutions. For your home, we suggest countertop purifiers, under-counter purifiers, appliance and fridge filters, whole house purification solutions and shower filters. For your office we recommend solutions that are easy to install and uninstall. Bottleless or bottle-type dispensers are the best water purification solutions here. If you’re interested in a temporary solution for your home or office, we offer rental contracts on certain products, too eg. water dispenser rentals

There are some benefits, if you prefer to rent a bottleless dispenser. Firstly, no admin. No more ordering water bottles, dealing with paperwork and following up on deliveries. Secondly, a bottleless dispenser is easier on cash flow because water delivery fees are no longer relevant; you’ll be purifying your own municipal tap water. Let’s take it a step further: when you purify your own tap water, there are no extra carbon emissions from vehicles that deliver water to you. So, it’s a more eco-friendly option. Not only will you be saving money, you’re also making the world a better place, one drop at a time.

And that’s what we call ‘Thinking inside the drop’. Is the water you’re drinking not trustworthy? Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest H2O International SA by clicking here.



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