Think and drink purified water for an overall better you!

While sanitising your water dispenser or replacing your water purifier’s filter may not be at the top of your to-do list, it’s very important to prioritise.

We’ve listed 5 reasons why drinking the best purified water is a great way to increase your energy, mood and productivity.


  1. Detox, naturally!

Drinking great quality water is naturally detoxifying. You may or may not know this, but on average, the human body consists of ±75% water. As you can imagine, when we exercise, we lose some of this water and become dehydrated. Our metabolism also uses this water to perform bodily functions. In short, through complicated processes, our body builds up toxins and we need to get rid of them to ensure that our bodies function optimally. Drinking quality, purified water helps us to replace and ‘refill’ our 75% of water. An increase in purified water consumption will release these toxins and a toxin-free body will always performs better.


  1. Do it for your organs.

Staying hydrated with purified water improves the health of our organs, including the brain. Since our bodies largely consist of water, any shift in our water levels will cause dehydration, which means all organs will suffer. This causes fatigue, headaches, muscle craps and many other problems. Keep your organs hydrated to feel your best.


  1. Support your skin.

Your body’s largest organ is your skin and we sometimes tend to forget this. Skin consists of billions of little cells, all plumped up with water and other biological matter. Imagine a deflated balloon and compare it to a skin cell without water. It makes sense now, doesn’t it? Keep the purified water flowing for hydrated, plumped up and healthy skin.


  1. Blood may be thicker than water, but which is more important?

Water is the main component of blood and blood is one of the factors that supports human life. Did you know that roughly 90% of your blood’s plasma consists of water? It carries vital elements like hormones, glucose, proteins, gases, electrolytes and nutrients around your body. Blood won’t be functional without water. So why not drink quality purified water to make sure your body functions optimally at all times?


  1. Our joints like water too!

Did you know the health of our joints rely massively on our water intake? In our joints, the bones are lined with connective tissue called cartilage and it plays an important role in cushioning or buffering when impact or friction occurs. A whopping 60% of joint cartilage consists of water and it’s critical that we always remain hydrated to prevent our synovial fluid (a gel-like liquid that lubricates our joints) from reducing. Lubricated joints help us move optimally, which directly increases your energy levels, mood and productivity.


Make sure you stay hydrated with great quality purified water. Curious about our water purification solutions?

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