Thinking inside the drop will benefit your business

Informed business owners all over the world have learnt to think inside the drop. They know the importance of proper hydration in the workplace. When we say proper, we mean purified. The health benefits of drinking enough purified water at work are simply too large to ignore. However, some businesses are yet to recognise the benefits of optimally hydrated employees.

It’s a fact that we cannot survive without drinking water. ±70% of your body consists of water, so dehydration isn’t an option when you want your body to perform well. The brain, however, is 75% water, and drinking enough water is crucial when it comes to good mental performance. If you haven’t made the link yet, maybe it’s time to drink a glass of purified water.

Our mental capacity will be first to reflect the slightest shift in hydration. A dehydrated employee will quickly show the side effects and the quality of his/her work will suffer the consequences. These side effects include slow thought patterns, headaches, fatigue, inefficiency and sometimes even mental confusion. An under-hydrated employee could make costly mistakes, which could have a devastating effect on your business.

But let’s not focus on the negatives. If your employees drink more purified water, they will think more clearly, feel more awake and in general, be healthier. A well-hydrated person works faster and remains focused for longer periods of time. And it isn’t just at work that your employees will feel the effect of good hydration. Adequate water intake increases the metabolism, enhances energy and provides you with sustained mental clarity. All of this, in the long run, affects your employees’ wellbeing.

So what substantiates good water intake? The common recommendation is 8 glasses of purified water per day. How can you encourage your employees to achieve this? By simply making it easier for them.

Installing a water dispenser in the office is incredibly easy, especially with H2O International SA. We pride ourselves on our wide range of world-class water dispensers and purifiers, so that we can provide water purification solutions for small, medium and large office spaces.

Investing in a bottleless water dispenser is more cost effective than buying bottled water and it’s also more cost effective than bottle-type water dispensers. Our bottleless dispensers allow you to purify your own municipal tap water, as opposed to having bottles of purified water delivered to you.

To spices things up even more, buy a carbonated soda water maker. This will definitely tickle your employees’ taste buds and keep them hydrated, even during the colder winter months.

Click here to contact your nearest H2O International SA store for more information on water dispensers and purifiers for your business.




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