Ecosoft Cartridge Set 1-2-3 for RO systems


5 micron sediment filter. Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridge and activated carbon block.



  • The 1st stage

Porous Bacteriostatic polypropylene filter reduces contents of sand, sludge, scale and other insoluble compounds exceeding the size of 5 micron.

  • The 2nd stage

Filter consisting of the activated coconut shell carbon cartridge. The filter reduces content of chlorine, concentration of toxic heavy metals, natural organic matter and oil products.

  • The 3rd stage

Final fine filtration in activaded coconut carbon bloсk. The cartridge reduces contents of chlorine, chlororganic compounds other insoluble components exceeding the size of 1 micron.

Sediment filtration, enhanced Chlorine removal
and water polish. Maximum efficiency for
water with a high chlorine content.

Compatible with all Standard 10” housings
from other manufacturers.
RECOMMENDED: change every 3
months (regardless of volume).


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