Pressure Booster Pump for P’ure Ecosoft RO



Ecosoft 50GPD Pump (PUMP5024DC) Ecosoft 50GPD (PUMP5024DC) is a pump for reverse osmosis filters from the brand of the same name. The spare part is equipped with high and low pressure sensors.  It is worth buying an Ecosoft 50GPD (PUMP5024DC) pump and other components for a water purification system in order to consume purified liquid without impurities, which has a positive effect on health.

Part Features for Reverse Osmosis System:

  • improves water pressure; prolongs the life of the membrane,
  • which is the main component of the reverse osmosis system;
  • It saves water consumption, which has a positive effect on the contents of the wallet.


Due to the high pressure, the water from the pipes easily passes through the membrane. The pump starts working as soon as you turn on the faucet. It is switched off only after the tank is completely filled. Special sensors are responsible for the operation of the part. Additionally, you need to buy a power supply to transform the voltage from the mains.


Why You May Need the Ecosoft 50GPD Pump

The need to update a part of a reverse osmosis system can be due to various reasons. The price of the Ecosoft 50GPD (PUMP5024DC) pump does not change regardless of the method of purchase. Order it if:

1. The membrane of the filtration system suddenly becomes clogged or has ceased to perform its role. This indicates a weak supply of water from the pipe.

2. The old pump is out of order and needs to be replaced. You don’t have to change the whole system, you can use the bracket of the old supercharger.

3. You are planning to install reverse osmosis in an old apartment building. Most likely, the pressure of the water supply will not be enough, you should take care of a stable indicator yourself.

The Ecosoft 50GPD (PUMP5024DC) pump is sold for filters of different brands. With it, you will be able to save from 30 to 50% of water. It becomes an effective component of the reverse osmosis system, and you can enjoy the perfect water in the kitchen after purchase and installation.


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