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The salt tablet is intended for the regeneration of ion exchange resins.

Price excludes delivery due to bulkiness and varying dimensions and weights of these products. Delivery cost is subject to individual quote and is available on request. Collection from the nearest Franchise can be arranged. 

Key advantages:

  • A convenient form of salt for the regeneration of it comes in the form of tablets
  • Packaging does not allow moisture and provides long-term storage
  • Salt is supplied in the form of tablets conveniently packaged in 25 kg bags
  • Does not cause the formation of an insoluble deposit in the solution tank



Water Softener Regeneration Process

The filter is connected to the cold-water supply. Water pre-cleaned from sediment particles enters the filter vessel filled with ion-exchange resin. Water passes through the resin layer which reduces hardness of water. Purified water is supplied to consumer through the central pipe of the filter vessel.

When the resin is exhausted, and can no longer absorb the ions of hardness, the control valve switches the filter to regeneration mode. For user’s convenience, the valve settings are programmed so that the filter is regenerated at the time when water is not consumed.


Regeneration of the filter media is divided into 4 clearly predetermined stages that are carried out by the valve independently.

  • The first stage (1) – back flush in order to plough up the filter media and wash out sediment particles from it.
  • Second stage (2) Then the brine solution is supplied from the brine tank to the filter vessel to pass through resin. As a result, hardness salts are washed out, and together with the remains of solution are discharged to sewers.
  • At the end of the regeneration, the resin is washed with a direct stream of water (stage 3) to wash out remains of brine solution.
  • The last stage (4) is filling the brine tank with water to dissolve the tablet salt and prepare the solution for the next regeneration.


After that, the filter can be reused for water purification.

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