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Water Refill Business

We can help you set up a water bottle refilling business. Why is this important? It is important because more and more people are struggling to get access to clean water, especially in low economy areas.

Plug & Play

With water sources around the world getting more polluted each day, especially with South Africa’s failing water treatment facilities, this demand will continue to increase. Starting a profitable and sustainable water refilling business is easy because we have everything set up for you; local research, a business plan and the equipment to tackle any water challenge. 

Start up costs from only Rx!

Sustainable: Saving lives and the Planet.

As the quality of water in Africa continues to deteriorate, more people are in dire need of clean water. Water-borne diseases continue to claim lives and bottled water is unaffordable. We want to provide sustainable solutions for this by setting up mini plants around South Africa; simultaneously saving the planet, providing an economy boosting and accessible business opportunity and supplying communities with safe, drinking water.

In this way, we can:

H2O | BWT Start Up Systems

As experts in the water treatment industry both here in South Africa and across the globe, we can offer you a tailor-made solution to suit your budget and the specific water quality of your area. We offer to start up systems at a very low cost enabling you to test the market first. In addition, we offer full training and advice through to project completion. When you thrive, so do we.

A Mini-Guide to Starting your own Water Refilling Business

Is this business is a good match for you? Learn more about the day-to-day running of a bottled water business including target markets, start-up costs and potential for growth. This business is a good match for those passionate about health and those wanting to run a business that helps communities with a much needed supply of safe water.

Contact us at H2O | BWT to find out how you can start your Water Bottling Business.


Daily operations include bringing water from an outside and/or municipal source and purifying it for customers to come and refill their bottles. You will also be able to sell the refill containers and offer water container sanitising.

Think you may have hard water or are you using borehole water? Have your water tested and we can advise whether you need additional equipment.

Target Market

Low income areas that need safe water, large events like music festivals, shops in shopping malls.

Growth Potential

Growth potential is unlimited and the pace of growth will vary according to initial business size and source of financing. Growth can take place via leveraging (bank loans) or more organically from sales profits.

Skills and Experience

While formal qualifications are not necessary; you will require business experience and a working understanding of how water is purified. Most owners/managers will have substantial management experience in related industries and special permits and licensing will be required from the government.

Ongoing Expenses

Ongoing expenses include plant maintenance, utility costs and labour costs.

Contact us at H2O | BWT to find out how you can start your Water Bottling Business.